De Cleer Ready to Use Shampoo

This shampoo has a lower lather rate that gives it a quicker rinse to save time and water. Designed for schools, institutions, clubs and highly productive salons. Gabel’s shampoo are specially formulated to effectively cleanse the hair of impurities, yet are gentle to the hair and scalp. Gabel’s pH balanced formula will not cause the hair and scalp to be dry. De Cleer shampoo will leave the hair soft shiny and easy to manage. Available in Honey Almond, Mint and Cherry.

Nu-Trex Concentrate Shampoo

This is a back bar standard. Very effective shampoo with up to 8 to 1 dilution rate. Removes dirt and build up from designer shampoos, leaves hair clean and film free, and helps condition damaged hair. Available in Honey Almond.

Expand Concentrate Shampoo

One gallon makes 16 gallons of rich shampoo. High lather for quick cleaning for professional use.

Gabel’s Creme Shampoo

A mild product that can be used daily without damage or dryness to the hair or scalp. This is general grade commonly used as an institutional shampoo for use by schools and retirement centers. Leaves hair soft and natural. Professionally formulated to eliminate silicon build up and dulling the hair. Available in Pink, Lemon  and Mint.

Gabel’s Paste Shampoo   – Can’t miss out !  Lemon Fluff Shampoo

The last solid creme shampoo of its kind. The highly concentrated, ultra-high quality, rich lathering and excellent cleansing action. Designed to have a neutral pH of 7 to prepare hair for coloring or clarifying. This is a choice of studio make-up departments. The best shampoo to use before coloring or perming the hair. Helps condition and deep clean hair that has been damaged by high acid shampoos. Available in Lemon.

Improve Paste Shampoo with Lanolin 

Pre-condition Lime fluff shampoo version. Available in Lime.

Improve Silver Gray Shampoo

The finest shampoo commercially available for white or gray hair. Takes the yellow out of hair without any drabness. Not recommended for tinted, dyed or bleached hair.

Safon Hair and Wig Cleaner

Designed for hair pieces and wigs. Cleans all types of hair; real and synthetic.