Tonics, After Shaves, Astringents

Bay Rum After Shave

Made with original bay rum oils from the Virgin Islands. Cools, refreshes, and smells good too!

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Gabel’s Sta-Cool Astringent

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This is a non oily astringent that uses the more expensive confection grade menthol crystals. Sta-Cool Astringent is the professional’s choice when quality is desired over price. This product does not have the typical medicinal smell as its oily competitors. Feels clean and refreshed.

Gabel’s After Shave Lotion

Ideal as a freshener. After washing face, arms, and shoulders, apply Lotion to these areas as you would the shaven face or neck. Available in lime, green, and lilac.

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Gabel’s Hair Tonic

Perfect for alleviating a tight, tense scalp.

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